About us

FASHIONCOLOR Tech. is a high -tech enterprise based in Nanjing dedicated to providing inkjet printers, printer consumables and advertising consumables cutting solutions for abroad customers.

Yes, in FASHIONCOLOR, we only want you to experience professional, always!

Our products

FASHIONCOLOR manufactures a full range of inkjet media products & solution: ranging from latest inkjet film products in different application, which include inkjet plate making film and its matched plate making ink, and RIP software, which combined a new revolutionary solution inkjet plate making system (IPMS), medical used printbale medical film.

In traditional image area, we are able to offer inkjet canvas and inkjet paper as well: ranging from inkjet matte cotton canvas, glossy cotton inkjet canvas, to different paper products to meet different solution like semi matte inkjet proofing paper, semi glossy inkjet proofing paper, glossy inkjet photo paper, matte inkjet photo paper ,RC glossy photo paper, and RC satin photo paper.

After strategic cooperation and resource reorganization, FASHIONCOLOR has increased inkjet printers and related consumables cutting products. In the beginning of 2018, FASHIONCOLOR launched various inkjet printer and cutting machine related products, which further improved the product line and strategic layout.

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FASHIONCOLOR abroad sales team

Every FASHIONCOLORer in FASHIONCOLOR team has its own development:
progress, happiness and growth we share each other.

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The core of FASHIONCOLOR's philosophy has always been the unique concern on customers and employees. All employees of FASHIONCOLOR are totally dedicated to customer service. You'll find them to be the finest professionals among the suppliers you have found!

never stop our growth, never stop our creation, and never stop our imagination! 

Our market
Currently FASHIONCOLOR has more than 50 buyers from 15 countries. The origin of buyers is evenly spread across the world.

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